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The BENEFITS of working with a TRAINER

  1. Teaching you proper technique to avoid injuries
  2. Establishing programs based on your goals
  3. Tracking your progress and revised when needed
  4. Motivating you to stay on track with your training and diet

Weight Loss Program

WLP. If you have any medical issues speak to your doctor before starting any weight loss programs.

More than 70% of US adults are overweight. The number one killer in the United States is diabetes. Diet and exercise play a huge part in prevention.

We will customize a weight loss program for you daily by a certified nutritionist. You will eat 4 to 6 balanced meals a day. Note: to get the full benefit out of a weight-loss program we strongly suggest you exercise at least three times a week.


Small Group Training

SGT is two or more but (no more than 8). This can be a fun way of getting your family and friends involved. Motivating yourself and others is a great way to lose weight.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is a form of body conditioning and endurance training. We will use high-intensity exercises including dumbbells, resistant bands, and body weight.


HIIT consists of cardiovascular exercises like box jumps, sprints, and burpees. The whole point of high-intensity training is to kick up the Intensity of your cardio so you will burn calories faster.

Weight Training

In Weight training, we will focus on lifting heavy and proper form so we can build strength and muscle size. Heavyweights like back squats, leg press, barbell press and barbell curls are some of the exercises to get you Bigger and Stronger.

Strength Training

Strength training increases bone density, build a stronger heart, reduce your resting blood
pressure, improve blood flow, improves cholesterol level and improve balance and

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