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If you’ve always wanted to hit the stage in a bikini, figure, bodybuilding or physique competition, this is your time. We will guide you from the beginning to the end. Challenging your mind and body through this process will be difficult but rewarding at the same time


If you’re looking to do your first bodybuilding show Let’s make sure you do these few things first. TRAIN HARD, get your cardio in, take time to lean out, plan and prep your meals weekly and get your rest. Don’t believe in magic just put in the work. Last but not least. Don’t rush your diet and training, give yourself enough time before you get on stage. Now go win!


Competing in a bikini competition can be a fantastic way of testing your limits, Build discipline, and learn a lot about your body, it’s a commitment not to be taken lightly. So if you do it right, your life won’t ever be the same. From prep to the stage it will be a rewarding experience. So the number one thing I suggest is to have fun with it.


If you want to build muscle without the look and size of a bodybuilder. And without doing a routine, competing in figure is the way to go, figure is a blend of bodybuilding and fitness. Figure competitors need well-formed shoulders and upper back, small waist, shapely glutes, and quads. With the proper training and nutrition guidance
Macmade365fitness can get you there.


You have to build a good foundation through training and dieting. Before adding cardio and leaning out for the stage, Pick a show that you want to do further enough out to give yourself time to prepare for it. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day!